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Spanish Classes and Immersion Programs in Medellin Colombia

Spanish Classes in Medellin, study and experience the wonderful Colombian culture in our Spanish school in Medellin. We are one of your best options in Spanish classes and immersion programs. As you look for the very best program for you, allow us to share our over ten years of experience in teaching Spanish as a second language with you.

Learn Spanish in MedellinWe offer Flexibility. Our Spanish school provides students the versatility to personalize programs to satisfy particular requirements. Students can incorporate their Spanish classes in Medellin to their schedule very easily, so that our programs may be suitable for students who work in Medellin and to those who visit us as immersion students. The Spanish classes at our school are only the beginning, for our immersion students we offer different lodging alternatives, such as host households near the school and/or Student Residency at hotels and hostels in the area.  Students can organize a mix of morning group courses matched by afternoon personal cultural and social activities, directed to individual requirements and preferences.

English Classes in Medellin with a Personal Touch

We provide personal attention to all of our students. At our Spanish school in Medellin, students find a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere both in and outside class; our average class group is only two to three students, (with a maximum of four) allowing for a more personalized attention through increased student-teacher interaction and allowing students to quickly reach their Spanish learning goals.

Spanish School MedellinOur Spanish classes in Medellin are an excellent choice for those planning to come to Colombia or who are already here. In our school you’ll develop self-confidence in speaking Spanish and also discover the regional culture by taking part in activities arranged by our institution to promote a complete learning experience. Long-lasting relationships are developed as students experience everyday situations as part of their Spanish lessons within the course, or while taking part in several trips and also planned social activities arranged by our Spanish school.

Spanish Classes in MedellinOur prices are very affordable, we provide Spanish classes in Medellin at wonderful prices and we have one of the finest language programs in all of Colombia. We are committed to making every effort to achieve complete client satisfaction. This thus far has been confirmed by the extremely good responses we obtain from our students, several of which come back to visit with us often.

We are much more than just a Spanish school offering Spanish classes in Medellin. Our vision is to establish ourselves as one of the premier language centers in Latin America by offering Spanish clases and Spanish Immersion programs of the best quality at affordable prices. This is why we are focused on offering Spanish learning and all the complementary components needed to make our students’ learning experience more culturaly enhancing. This attitude has made us just one of one of the most searched for Spanish schools in Colombia, attracting students programs from across the globe.

If you’re interested in a unique learning experience, then give us a call today or email us for more information on Spanish Classes in Medellin.

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